Hello! We are Christine and Martin, two individuals with a passion for creating wonderful and unique things.


The story of Bachelorettesy begins with an engagement (from the perspective of Christine). As a newly engaged woman, I was super excited to start planning for my last fling before the ring with my girlfriends—my bachelorette party!

Browsing online and Pinterest for ideas (really a godsend for all things wedding), I was having a hard time finding wedding and bachelorette supplies that I loved and that wouldn’t break the bank. I would design and sketch accessory ideas just for kicks. Chatting one night with Martin, he suggested that we bring my ideas to fruition. I’ve always been the “I have all these ideas!” type of person, and he’s the “Let’s make this happen!”—we make a good pair. And with that, came the start of Bachelorettesy.

Fast-forward to today, we have our online store Bachelorettesy.com, which has allowed us to have fun with creating fabulous and affordable bachelorette party supplies for any bride to be and her crew. We continue to expand and stay on trend with the latest bachelorette accessories, decorations, supplies, games, and ideas, which is the exciting part of all of this and keeps us on our toes!  

Our vision at Bachelorettesy is to create high quality and fun bachelorette party supplies that are gorgeous and affordable. 

To accomplish our mission, we make it a point to read all of our customer reviews as well as our competitors' reviews so we can best address any challenges, make our products even better, and ensure that our customers absolutely love their Bachelorettesy products.

Thank you for reading the story behind Bachelorettesy. We look forward to adding you to our beautiful #Bachelorettesy community!


Peace and love,

Christine & Martin

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