100+ Team Bride Tropical Bachelorette Tattoos


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  • 100+ Team Bride Temporary Metallic Tattoos | Emma Collection
  • Quantity: 6 Large Sheets. 2 Sets of 20 Matching Tattoos for Bride and Team Bride
  • Pack Also Includes: Diamond Rings, Wifey, Hot Bride, Bride Squad, Girls Night Out, Last Fling Before the Ring & More!
  • Color: Metallic Gold & Splash of Silver
  • Size: Pack of 6 Sheets. Each Sheet: 6” x 8”
  • Material: Gold Foil Temporary Tattoo Transfers
  • Application: Applied with a Damp Cloth, Towel or Sponge
  • Removal: Easily Removed with Baby Oil or Makeup Remover Wipes

Make any bachelorette party fun and fabulous with a touch of metallic tattoo bling! With 40 matching tattoos, and 100+ total tattoos in each set, the bride and her bride tribe will love these gorgeous matching team bride tattoos. This boho tropical tattoo set will be a fab addition to your bachelorette decorations and a hit with your “I Do” crew.

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